Pamilla was officially launched in 2005 as a result of the idea of offering the market collections for girls which recalled the tasteful style of the 1940s and 50s.The word Pamilla in itself (the girl's name Pamilla \p(a)-milla, pam(il)-la\ is a variant of Pamela (Greek), and the meaning of Pamilla is "honey; all sweetness) takes you back to that sweet world which is always the raw material which inspires our every collection. The products offered are purposely outside of that chaotic world of fashion trends and always concentrate on guaranteeing materials and products that are simply timeless. We handle our business with Ethics, and believe these to be the founding value of our entrepreneurial idea.


we have always focused on the gradual expansion of our business, attempting
to minimise in all production phases the fixed costs which generate unjustified price levels.

By choosing us, you will have the guarantee that the cost of a product which amounts to 10 will never be placed on the market at 100. We believe in the logic of just and not excessive profit, which is why we would be happy to open our doors to you and tell you about what you have chosen.

Made in Italy

our products are made entirely in Italy and more specifically in the heart of our small facility. We hold the 100% Made in Italy certification both for our production chain as well as our products, an award reserved for an elite of brands who still believe in the force and capacity of our Bel Paese.


excellent, only and always. Every season, we select the very best that the market has to offer, be it cotton, cashmere or silk. We believe that nature offers what's best to clothe us and that Man has often contributed simply to worsen its performance.

Our materials are 100% of natural origin, without any dyeing which could be harmful to our children's health. It is for this reason that we discard the flattering offers of higher margins, but rather concentrate on choosing the finest
materials which reflect our philosophy.


our idea of Italian production is based on the highly skilled workers who share our idea. Most of these are ladies nearing retirement who in many cases were considered to be outside the industrial logic of the larger clothing groups.
They are our strictest guardians, and they assemble every dress lovingly, controlling stitch by stitch that everything is in perfect order. Each garment contains the skills of these hands, the stubborn challenge of reintroducing onto the market processes which had disappeared off the Italian scene because they were too expensive or simply too laborious.
They take part in every phase of development of the collections, as in every haute
couture atelier, making our visions real and unique.
Every single garment carries their name in the fibres and this makes us proud not to be swimming counter current, but to have chosen different waters in which to swim.